Session 121

Returned to finish off the troll and smilodons. Saved 5 pixies. Loot: plus 2 vicious ranseur (sell 9160gp), full plate armor plus 3 (sell 7575gp), = 3347gp each.

Talked to Leris Shadwest (Flying Owlbears), offered clone of owlbear in four months’ time.

Talked to Limm Ticklewing to reward us for her sisters’ rescue, 25000gp = 5000gp each.

Level up!

Session 120

Killed mire worms, they radiated key type magic, then rotted away.

Attacked troll & smilodons near cage. Badly hurt, used Getaway. 6 rounds to buff, then back.

Session 119

Fought flying owlbears, took them captive for our menagerie.

Then fought giant mire worms.

Session 118

Set up secure shelter. Rest interrupted by vast number of corn-husk fae (fastachees), who Nyrissa was killing one at a time. Took them back via plane shift to Radiance. Attempted to integrate a few thousand into Freelands society.

Returned to Nyrissa’s realm, went to the fungus/mandragora glade. Fought a vast amalgamation of mandragoras.

Pulled Thousand Breaths into Prime Material!

50,000 XP.

Session 117

Explored graveyard, mauseoleum and tower. Too cold to sleep. Attempted to go back to swirly lake, teleportation blocked. Walked back, harassed by mocking fae so could not sleep, walked back to gates and went outside the First World to sleep.

Went back in, found some poison flowers that cause confusion, attacked and defeated Nightmare Rook. 20,000 XP each.

Session 116

Advanced further into Nyrissa’s realm, found many strange statues(?) along the path. Illusions and confusions prevented rest. Found area with snow and frost giants led by a four-armed leader (Kargstad), and gravestones.

30,000 XP. Large greataxes, chain shirts, hide armor plus 3 (sell), four cold iron masterwork large size handaxes (sell), amulet of natural armor plus 3 (Akiros), amulet of natural armor plus 1 (Tabitha), ring of protection plus 2 (Tabitha).

Session 115

Entered First World / Nyrissa’s realm. Found lake, explored further, encountered and defeated lightning-blasted treants.

Session 114

Questioned Satyr. Extensive information on Narissa’s realm, especially falls (Eldest’s control).

Executed satyr, attended to the fallout from the deaths.

Found statues of ogre mage and wererat.

Examined Briar further, conversation with our shawled nymph friend – inconclusive.

Sherrell the former trashpicker complained of nightmares, of a glabrezu. Could be a “living nightmare”. Further investigation into the Nightmare Rook. The party have various nightmares.

Session 113

Told by Satinder (Calistrian priestess) that ettins and a satyr with a helmet are attacking farms near Fort Liberty. Teleported there, spoke to Marcos and Verros (peasants who saw the attack).

Headed out to investigate. Observed the ettins destroying a farm, and the satyr murdering farmers. Killed the ettins, captured the satyr.

Loot: plus 3 leather armor (Tabitha), plus 3 composite longbow of seeking str plus 5 (Karl), greater bracers of archery (Karl), helm of teleportation (Ursula).

Session 112

Korrax informed us of danger in lumberjack camp near Tatzlford, with attack by Mandragoras.

Teleported there, into midst of Mandragora swarms, destroyed them. Found the entire hex had been overrun, many deaths of lumberjacks and wildlife, lumber mill destroyed.

Collected dead bodies of Mandragoras, as keys.

Declared edict of contamination of the hex until end of summer, compensated families of lumberjacks.


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