Session 131

Captured broken souls, kept them unconscious. Rested and levelled up.

Attempted to heal broken souls. Vision: process of life, return to the cycle. Turned them to stone, shrunk, stored for later.

Strange goings-on in the mirrors. Found clothing in wardrobe – 11 masterwork instruments (1650gp), including a horn of blasting (Natasha), fine clothing worth 8400gp, elegant evening dress robe of stars (Ursula). Magical porcelain tub that fills with water on command (take to Radiance).

Attacked by four air elementals in a library. Found waterclock and books.

Found cursed cloak of poisonousness in mess hall.

Loot: 1,010gp each. XP: 15,000 each

Session 130

Fought two wyverns in a room with 7 statues. Found a secret door, left it for later.

Fought 8 Broken Soul Advanced Nymphs.

Handed in devourer quest – scarab of protection 9 charges

Session 129

Attacked by surprise by a part-saurian medusa. Killed her.

Loot: Amulet natural armor plus 3 (Otto), amulet of natural armor plus 2 (sell 4000), ring of protection plus 3 (Otto), ring of protection plus 2 (sell 4000), diamond dust 1500gp (Isolda),

Isolda cast Vision on the corpse. Saw vision of Jabberwock, casting wall of thorns and escaping it, then collecting vials of jabberwock blood, then taking them to body, covered with unguents and lotions. Used Jabberwork blood on a different body – a medusa.

Returned home to Radiance. 1250gp each.

Came back, killed three devourers and collected essence for quest.

30,000 XP each.

Session 128

Teleported into a room with the wizard. Vines, rippling pool of water. 3 giant flytraps. Wizard is blinking, giant sword near him.

Loot: miniature castle of jade and silver serpent (1200gp); pig-shaped casket containing 999pp; gold decanter with ruby stopper 2000gp; magical adamantine rapier plus 2, bane constructs (Ursula); gold and ivory scroll tube worth 750gp; scroll of form of the dragon 2 (Natasha); helm of brilliance (Natasha) 2 x fireball, 1 x prismatic spray; staff of transmutation (Natasha) 5 charges left; leather armor plus 4 fire resistance 10 (sell 17080gp); amulet of natural armor plus 2 (sell 4000gp); headband of mental prowess plus 2 Wis and Int with Fly skill (Yaneshi); ring of invisibilty (Yaneshi); ring of protection plus 2 (sell 4000gp); portable hole containing reading desk and library of spellbooks containing ALL CORE WIZARD SPELLS except necromancy and divination!!!

Found a library with schematics of the bottle, and a map of the building, and various other books. Plus 6 to various knowledge checks, and manual of gainful exercise plus 3 (Karl).

XP 40,000 each and treasure 1200 + 9990 + 2000 + 750 + 17080 + 4000 + 4000 = 39020 / 5 = 7804

Session 127

Found Akiros – Blood Petal Throne, Hanging Bower, Silkwood, First World.

Plane Shifted and Greater Teleported to there.

Bargained with Green Mother – a year and a day of Yaneshi’s life for Akiros’ return.

Teleported back to the House at the Edge of Time, explored further.

Started to fight the Wizard of Worms.

Session 126

Vision of Nyrissa within a bottle within the Freelands within the same bottle.

Teleported to Absalom to test the boundaries.

Visited our lawyer to progress the embassy.

Went to Mage’s Guild, Isolda started joining process (2560gp). Directed to Kyonin for further information about Nyrissa.

Fought and defeated 4 ankous, 50,000 XP. Handed in quest for Linnorm parts, 40000 gp.

Session 125

Floated toward the castle, discovered ghostly elves and a dirt dragon. Attacked, killed them.

Attacked by Jabberwock. Briar turned into plus 5 vorpal cold iron bastard sword. Killed it. Took its head off, retrieved Linnorm heads, teleported back to Radiance.

Session 124

Teleported in to House at the Edge of Time, over the moat.

Attacked immediately by a linnorm! Killed it.

Session 123

Killed Ilthuliak!

40,000 XP each.

Loot: 570,400 cp, 48,200 sp, 11,950 gp, 1,240 pp, jewelry etc worth total of 24,000 gp. = 58,874

Plus 4 elven chainmail (Natasha), plus 4 mithril chain shirt (sell 8550 gp), plus 2 wild buckler (Natasha), plus 1 buckler (sell 577.5 gp), sylvan scimitar (sell 23657.5 gp), plus 3 returning icy starknife (sell 22,963.5 gp), rod of the python (sell 6500 gp), staff of defense (Natasha), cloak of the bat (Ursula), bracers of armor plus 7 (Isolda), gem of seeing (Ursula), mantle of faith (Isolda).

62248.5 plus 58874 = 121122.5 gp / 5 = 24,224.5

Session 122

Attempted to use Vision on the worm-wizard Wriggling Man. Failed, apparently Mind Blank spell. Then tried Greater Scrying on the Knurly Witch, which was resisted. Then tried Vision on the Knurly Witch: she is a powerful black hag, probably a high-level cleric of Gyronna.

Teleported into her den and killed her and 3 athaches.

Loot – leather armor plus 3 (sell 4580 gp); strand of prayer beads (Yaneshi); scarab of protection 9 charges (Isolda, amulet of natural armor plus 4 swapped to Karl), amulet of natural armor plus 1 (sell 1000).

5580 / 5 = 1116 gp.

Examined the house. Crafted from raw potential of First World.


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