Session 115

Entered First World / Nyrissa’s realm. Found lake, explored further, encountered and defeated lightning-blasted treants.

Session 114

Questioned Satyr. Extensive information on Narissa’s realm, especially falls (Eldest’s control).

Executed satyr, attended to the fallout from the deaths.

Found statues of ogre mage and wererat.

Examined Briar further, conversation with our shawled nymph friend – inconclusive.

Sherrell the former trashpicker complained of nightmares, of a glabrezu. Could be a “living nightmare”. Further investigation into the Nightmare Rook. The party have various nightmares.

Session 113

Told by Satinder (Calistrian priestess) that ettins and a satyr with a helmet are attacking farms near Fort Liberty. Teleported there, spoke to Marcos and Verros (peasants who saw the attack).

Headed out to investigate. Observed the ettins destroying a farm, and the satyr murdering farmers. Killed the ettins, captured the satyr.

Loot: plus 3 leather armor (Tabitha), plus 3 composite longbow of seeking str plus 5 (Karl), greater bracers of archery (Karl), helm of teleportation (Ursula).

Session 112

Korrax informed us of danger in lumberjack camp near Tatzlford, with attack by Mandragoras.

Teleported there, into midst of Mandragora swarms, destroyed them. Found the entire hex had been overrun, many deaths of lumberjacks and wildlife, lumber mill destroyed.

Collected dead bodies of Mandragoras, as keys.

Declared edict of contamination of the hex until end of summer, compensated families of lumberjacks.

Session 110

Kingdom building

Session 109

Continued the battle against water elementals.

Collected swan corpses as first world keys.

Cast Discern Location on Kaiza (Yaneshi’s mother): in the First World! Scried her, scried Yaneshi’s father, disappointing conversation.

Discovered two other keys are necessary. Briar is not a key.

Cast Discern Location on Nyrissa: in the Fable, in the House at the Edge of Time, in Thousand Breaths, in the First World.

Surveyed the realm for further breaches into the First World. Sought out rumours of strange happenings. 4 days until next event.

Built highway to Numeria, facilitates trade, +2 Economy.

Session 108

Investigated whirlpool, found it to be occupied by four Elder Water Elementals in the form of giant swans. Attacked them.

Session 107

Kingdom building. Expanded to 203 kingdom size.

Completed the Houten Legacy, gained a copy of Zuddiger’s Picnic.

Found Zuddiger’s Gate.

A year and a day after visit to Irrovetti’s grotto, a whirlpool appeared in Lake Hooktongue.

Session 106

Kingdom building.

Found and defeated a quickwood. No loot.

Session 105

Explored further, did kingdom building. Met the awakened mammoth Hillstomper who asked us to kill a crag linnorm. Loot: 2600gp, 320pp, suit of masterwork studded leather armor (125gp), dragonhide breastplate (950gp), masterwork cold iron greatsword 250gp, silver coffer 250gp, 7 silver rings total 1400gp, onyx and jade necklace 800gp, gold crown with topaz 1800gp, divine scroll of summon monster VI (Yaneshi), wand of mnemonic enhancer 33 charges (Isolda), pouch of 3 dust of disappearance (Ursula), 1 potion of rage 375gp), staff of frost (Isolda) replacing staff of fire (Natasha).

Gold total = 11,750 / 5 = 2350

Found skull of silver dragon Amvarian on an oak spike. Not dead! Spoke to her.


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