Session 127

Found Akiros – Blood Petal Throne, Hanging Bower, Silkwood, First World.

Plane Shifted and Greater Teleported to there.

Bargained with Green Mother – a year and a day of Yaneshi’s life for Akiros’ return.

Teleported back to the House at the Edge of Time, explored further.

Started to fight the Wizard of Worms.

Session 126

Vision of Nyrissa within a bottle within the Freelands within the same bottle.

Teleported to Absalom to test the boundaries.

Visited our lawyer to progress the embassy.

Went to Mage’s Guild, Isolda started joining process (2560gp). Directed to Kyonin for further information about Nyrissa.

Fought and defeated 4 ankous, 50,000 XP. Handed in quest for Linnorm parts, 40000 gp.

Session 125

Floated toward the castle, discovered ghostly elves and a dirt dragon. Attacked, killed them.

Attacked by Jabberwock. Briar turned into plus 5 vorpal cold iron bastard sword. Killed it. Took its head off, retrieved Linnorm heads, teleported back to Radiance.

Session 124

Teleported in to House at the Edge of Time, over the moat.

Attacked immediately by a linnorm! Killed it.

Session 123

Killed Ilthuliak!

40,000 XP each.

Loot: 570,400 cp, 48,200 sp, 11,950 gp, 1,240 pp, jewelry etc worth total of 24,000 gp. = 58,874

Plus 4 elven chainmail (Natasha), plus 4 mithril chain shirt (sell 8550 gp), plus 2 wild buckler (Natasha), plus 1 buckler (sell 577.5 gp), sylvan scimitar (sell 23657.5 gp), plus 3 returning icy starknife (sell 22,963.5 gp), rod of the python (sell 6500 gp), staff of defense (Natasha), cloak of the bat (Ursula), bracers of armor plus 7 (Isolda), gem of seeing (Ursula), mantle of faith (Isolda).

62248.5 plus 58874 = 121122.5 gp / 5 = 24,224.5

Session 122

Attempted to use Vision on the worm-wizard Wriggling Man. Failed, apparently Mind Blank spell. Then tried Greater Scrying on the Knurly Witch, which was resisted. Then tried Vision on the Knurly Witch: she is a powerful black hag, probably a high-level cleric of Gyronna.

Teleported into her den and killed her and 3 athaches.

Loot – leather armor plus 3 (sell 4580 gp); strand of prayer beads (Yaneshi); scarab of protection 9 charges (Isolda, amulet of natural armor plus 4 swapped to Karl), amulet of natural armor plus 1 (sell 1000).

5580 / 5 = 1116 gp.

Examined the house. Crafted from raw potential of First World.

Session 121

Returned to finish off the troll and smilodons. Saved 5 pixies. Loot: plus 2 vicious ranseur (sell 9160gp), full plate armor plus 3 (sell 7575gp), = 3347gp each.

Talked to Leris Shadwest (Flying Owlbears), offered clone of owlbear in four months’ time.

Talked to Limm Ticklewing to reward us for her sisters’ rescue, 25000gp = 5000gp each.

Level up!

Session 120

Killed mire worms, they radiated key type magic, then rotted away.

Attacked troll & smilodons near cage. Badly hurt, used Getaway. 6 rounds to buff, then back.

Session 119

Fought flying owlbears, took them captive for our menagerie.

Then fought giant mire worms.

Session 118

Set up secure shelter. Rest interrupted by vast number of corn-husk fae (fastachees), who Nyrissa was killing one at a time. Took them back via plane shift to Radiance. Attempted to integrate a few thousand into Freelands society.

Returned to Nyrissa’s realm, went to the fungus/mandragora glade. Fought a vast amalgamation of mandragoras.

Pulled Thousand Breaths into Prime Material!

50,000 XP.


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