Session 105

Explored further, did kingdom building. Met the awakened mammoth Hillstomper who asked us to kill a crag linnorm. Loot: 2600gp, 320pp, suit of masterwork studded leather armor (125gp), dragonhide breastplate (950gp), masterwork cold iron greatsword 250gp, silver coffer 250gp, 7 silver rings total 1400gp, onyx and jade necklace 800gp, gold crown with topaz 1800gp, divine scroll of summon monster VI (Yaneshi), wand of mnemonic enhancer 33 charges (Isolda), pouch of 3 dust of disappearance (Ursula), 1 potion of rage 375gp), staff of frost (Isolda) replacing staff of fire (Natasha).

Gold total = 11,750 / 5 = 2350

Found skull of silver dragon Amvarian on an oak spike. Not dead! Spoke to her.



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