Session 2

Oleg rewarded us with a potion of shield of faith, 2 potions of cure light wounds, and 50gp.

QUEST: Oleg has asked us to retrieve Svetlana’s wedding ring. Plain brass with a pearl inset. Stolen by bandits three months prior to now.

Set off south into forest to track bandits. Some fey(?) activity. 2 days travel. Set up camp.

Following day, found lookout outside bandit camp. Lie in ambush, draw bandits out with illusion, defeat 2 bandit archers and 3 bandit warriors. Loot: 5 short swords, 5 longbows, 100 arrows, 5 leather armor, 10 days rations, 50gp.

Second ambush, no followup. Wait an hour, set off into the forest to bandit camp by different path.

Attack bandits, defeat Kressle and 3 bandit warriors. 2 bandit archers flee. Loot: 3 short swords, 3 longbow, 3 leather armor, 60 arrows, 6 days rations, 30gp, 2 masterwork hand axes, 1 studded leather armor, 1 potion of cure light wounds, 4 daggers, 85gp.

Loot from bandit camp: food, firewood, tents, 321sp, 90gp, silver earrings 150gp, wooden music box 90gp, 3 crates furs and hides 50gp each, polished wooden case with 8 bottles each worth 20gp. Acquire 6 horses.

450 XP each, total 600 XP




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