Session 20

Explored hex H10 – fought a giant turtle, brought back the shell.

Found troll tracks in hex H14. Did not explore it.

Visited Tig-titter-tat and Perlavash.

Took Cundall to meet Jod at the temple of Erastil.

Went to hex G5, encountered human loggers led by Korrax, and a nixie (Meliansay). Brokered a tenuous peace between them. Pointed to dryad Terresia, asked to bring back 5 tree feather tokens.

Met Terresia and her satyr boyfriend Fanchus. Sent to kill a scythe tree. Found: 3 × 100gp amber pieces; folded bundle of magic cloth – robes of vermin , 42cp, 55sp, 6gp, silver ring worth 65gp – 75.38gp each.



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