Session 21

Returned to Tiressia and Falchos to report death of scythe tree. Rewarded with wand of cure light wounds with 26 charges, 6 feather tokens (tree), a scroll of summon nature’s ally 2, 2 potions of cure moderate wounds, 5 goodberries.

Tiressia offers to keep us updated and aid us. +2 stability to nation.

Returned to Melianse the nixie and presented her with 5 of the tree tokens. Replanted trees to her specifications. Melianse offers to keep an eye out on the rivers. +2 stability to nation.

Explored hex G1. Found a ruined circular keep in a clearing of trees. Fought a very quick fey type creature. Looted a +1 short sword, 5 vials of nonmagical blue liquid. Fought a plant creature and another type of fey. Killed plant thing, fey climbed in window out of sight, lantern archon fought it, outcome uncertain.



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