Session 23

Headed back to Jod in hopes of getting Otto decursified. No joy, went back to Radiance. Ordered in a scroll of remove curse. Strange feeling in town – suspicion?

Lily informed us that the bard Grigori has been spreading rumors against us. Specific charges include: greed, corruption, injustice, powerlessness. Went among the people, told stories of adventure, helped people.

Council meeting: build road between Radiance and Olegtown.

Quelled the menace of the bard. Loot: potion of cure light wounds (Ursula), potion of cure moderate wounds (Ursula), 3 x potions of undetectable alignment(sold 75gp), scroll of scare (Isolda), scroll of sound burst (Yaneshi), chain shirt +1 (Yaneshi), rapier +1 (sold 1160gp), short bow, 20 arrows, masterwork buckler (sold 305gp), 132gp.

Total loot = 75+1160+305+132 = 1672/5 = 334gp 4sp each

Quest hand-ins: fisherman ring of feather falling (Karl); Lily 1200gp, cloak of resistance +1 (Yaneshi)

Isolda made magic items – enchanting turtle shell shield for Otto; +2 dexterity belt and +1 natural armor for Karl; +2 dexterity belt and +1 natural armor for Yaneshi



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