Session 29

Helped people recover from the owlbear attack. Followed the owlbear out.

Spider cave: found dead body: gloves of swimming and climbing; amethyst worth 100gp.

Killed owlbear. Bandits looted for 96gp. 6 x shortbows, 84 arrows, 6 long swords, 6 daggers, 6 shields, 6 leather armor.

Found corpse: chain shirt 2 (Yaneshi), long sword +1, ring of bestial friendship (Karl), 2 x masterwork throwing axes (Otto), jar of 5 doses restorative ointment detoxifies poison and disease and cures 1d85 (Karl), vial of antitoxin (Karl), 2 x potions of speak with animals (Karl), 2 smokesticks, tanglefoot bag, 2 x thunderstones. 146gp + 1155gp + 625gp

Acquired owlbear cub, named Cuddles.

2000 XP each.



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