Session 30

Explored rest of owlbear cave. Fought spiders, mushrooms, shambling mound, and horrible swarm of poisonous centipedes. Found wand of lightning bolts (33 charges). Claimed as a lair for our kingdom. Found breastplate, chainmail, 3 daggers, 2 longswords, 1 shortsword, 1 masterwork warhammer, 1 vial of silversheen, 1 set masterwork thieves tools, 121gp.

Returned to tell Radiance about our victory. +4 to Stability, +4 to Economy, +4 to Loyalty, Unrest reduced to 0.

Met the Bard, Iosis Vemarelian, and set him to work crafting satirical songs and jokes to mock Drelev.

Met the Scholar, Tamarac Elenark, looking into history of ancient Iobarian culture, to the east. He explains his interests to Isolda.

Met the Learned Gentleman, Irvil Pendrid, also interested in ancient Iobarian culture.

Handed in quests – 2100gp of potions (5 x antitoxin = 250gp), 600gp + 3 cure moderate wounds potions.



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