Session 55

Defeated baron’s wizard, captured wife and mistress.

6 x potions of cure moderate wounds, 6 x potions of shield of faith, 700gp, 14 x (masterwork breastplates, masterwork shields, masterwork longswords, masterwork composite longbow). = 7552gp

Baron: 3 potions of cure serious wounds, +3 breastplate (Akiros), +2 defending longsword (Natasha), 3 x masterwork throwing axes (Otto), belt of physical might +4 Str, +4 Con (Otto), cloak of resistance +2 (Yaneshi), ring of protection +2 (Akiros), rod of splendor (Yaneshi)

Baroness: masterwork dagger, stone of alarm, diamond crown 1500gp, diamond necklace 500gp, emerald ring 250gp, royal outfit 300gp, sapphire earrings 400gp, signet ring 300gp. = 3401gp

Mistress (Quintessa – Grand Diplomat of Daggermark): deck of illusions (Ursula), scrolls of dispel magic, locate creature, neutralize poison, speak with animals, chain shirt +1 glamered, masterwork silver dagger, ring of protection +1, cloak of resistance +1, necklace 1500gp.

Wizard (Imeckus): masterwork dagger, cloak of resistance +2 (Yaneshi), ring of protection +2 (Natasha), staff of fire (Isolda), spellbook

Searched castle: silver scrying mirror (Natasha), 6000gp wine. 5000gp dresses etc. Treasure 200pp, 986gp, 2460sp, 815cp, 30 x silver ingots 25gp. = 14990.15gp

Interrogated Mistress, Baroness, and Baron, told that the enemy forces in the city are 6 giants and 100 mercenaries.

GOLD TOTAL = 25493.15 / 5 = 5098.63gp



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