Session 73

Seppoko – 3 potions of cure moderate (sell 450gp), 1 potion of sanctuary (Ursula), 1 wand of cure moderate wounds (24 charges) – Natasha, 1 wand of poison (9 charges) – Ursula, hide armor plus 2 (sell 2082.5gp), icy morning star plus 1 (sell 9154gp), masterwork light wooden shield (sell 76.5gp), unholy symbol of Gogunta (destroy).

56pp, 1287gp, 2019sp, 872cp, 5 black opals 200gp each, 10 gold bracelets of forest animals 25gp each, box of 12 gold ingots worth 250gp each, 3 elixirs of swimming (250gp each), 1 harp of charming in likeness of Caydean Cailean (sell 3750gp).

Spoke to Garuum, received ebony fly, made diplomatic overtures. Disintegrated the statue of Gogunta. Attempted to convert the boggards to worship of Erastil.

Loot sale total = 22570.62gp + last session 3992.5 = 26563.12 / 5 = 5312.62gp



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