Otto Orcson


STR 19
DEX 12
CON 12
INT 10
CHA 14


A proud half orc, who struggles to fit in among humans.

Raised in an orcish tribe, he was a powerful warrior and fit in amongst the orcs quite naturally.

When the chief fell in battle he fought for the right to rule the tribe.
When the challengers thinned, there were two main factions; Otto’s and a vicious orc named Skuldarg. Skuldarg although a vicious fighter when cornered had risen through the challengers mainly through guile and cunning. Otto being much more straightforward, had relied on his superior prowess in battle, but still managed to defeat the better rested Skuldarg.

Otto knew Skuldarg’s skills were far outside his own, and wanted to use them. He struck a bargain with the defeted Orc. His life plus a position as Otto’s right-hand orc, in exchange for his loyalty. Skuldarg easily convinced Otto of his acceptance, but as soon as his back was turned the wounded Skuldarg plunged a hidden poisoned blade into his back.

Left for dead, Otto has a hard time surviving in the wilderness. His lack of wilderness skills forces him into a human settlement. Mistrusted by the locals and rapidly facing starvation he eventually finds salvation at the temple to Iomedae. The priest there allows him to work for a living. Otto works for the temple for a year, devoting his labour to the upkeep and improvement of the temple. Otto feels Iomedae has saved his life. He devotes himself to Iomedae, and eventually after a few years of service to the temple he earns his redemption, regains his health and feels it is time to adventure in the human realms. Carrying with him Iomedae’s way and a newfound devotion to the path of Light.

Otto Orcson

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