Chief Sootscale

Black scaled kobold leader


A black scaled kobold covered in bone fetishes and feathers, Chief Sootscale is quick and fierce.


Sootscale holds the statue in his hands with a fierce look of concentration, as if he were making a particularly difficult decision. Finally, he shrieks in triumph, holds the statue over his head, and then smashes it down onto the ground, shattering it. The other kobolds in the room freeze in shock while Sootscale, a frantic grin on his snout, thanks the PCs for “freeing us from this curse” and then encourages them to come with him to “kill the usurper.”
Although there is, in fact, no real curse, Sootscale believes that by breaking the statue he has freed himself from its reach. Emboldened and infused with a rush of self-confidence for the first time since Tartuk displayed the effects of the “curse” many months ago, Sootscale leads his kobolds in a coup against the shaman and, with or without the PCs’ aid, kills the sorcerer and reclaims control of his tribe.

Chief Sootscale

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