Psychopathic reincarnated gnome sorceror


Purple scaled kobold


Although Tartuk is not an actual divine spellcaster, the unusual coloration of his scales and his habit of adding unnecessary hand gestures, chants, and strange spell components to his spellcasting has been more than enough to trick the rest of the kobolds in the tribe. The false shaman further keeps the kobolds in line by weekly sacrifices before the (currently stolen) statue of Old Sharptooth, using Still Spell illusions to enhance his sermons and the sacrifice of “bad kobolds” (chosen by him from any kobold who seems to be about to question his right to rule) with shrieking ghosts and smoky spirits.
He even convinced Chief Sootscale that the tribe had been cursed by surreptitiously casting prestidigitation on a dead kobold to make it look like his scales had turned yellow.
As a result of all of this trickery, Tartuk has the Sootscales convinced that, now that they’ve taken to worshiping Old Sharptooth, their tribe will wither and die out if the statue of the “god” is stolen or lost. He periodically enforces these beliefs by having his “talking bird” Tickbiter deliver ominous messages, creating illusions of eerie omens, or simply by using Bluff to explain everyday bits of luck as signs of Old Sharptooth’s pleasure or anger.
Tartuk has things planned out, and the introduction of the PCs throws him for a loop. If one of the kobolds brings the PCs to him with the expectation that Tartuk will want them to go retrieve the stolen statue, the kobold sorcerer plays along (even though he’d been intending to use the stolen statuette to fuel the war with the mites for many more weeks). Soon after the party leaves, he has the other kobolds sacrifice poor Nakpik for good luck, then begins brainstorming ideas on how to use the PCs to cause the kobolds further trouble. He finally decides on a simple plan—if the PCs successfully return the statue, he’ll order the Sootscale kobolds to attack the PCs at once for daring to defile Old Sharptooth with their soft, scaleless fingers. The kobolds follow this order, fighting to the last as long as Tartuk lives—but if the PCs defeat the sorcerer, the remaining kobolds (Chief Sootscale included) flee the region. Tartuk, of course, hopes the PCs simply kill off the rest of the tribe and spends the battle not helping but trying to sneak away, leaving the tribe to its fate. If Tartuk escapes, he can remain in the region and become a thorn in the PCs’ sides for some time to come.


Kingmaker Pryllin