Session 96

Fought Irrovetti, killed gargoyle, weretiger, hellhounds.

Session 95

Looted Villamar Koth – armor and ring, 2 vials, masterwork longbow.

Session 94

Killed Pitax troops and Villamar Koth. Loot: plus 1 vicious greataxe,

Session 93

Went to the cheesemaker’s house, found secret room.

Scouted out Irovetti’s palace.

Came back next day, attacked Irovetti’s guards.

Session 92

Went to Pitax in disguise, spoke to actors and Calistrians.

Session 91

Killed Eater of Kings – loot 2900sp, 3400gp, 155pp, 1200gp gems (6440gp), 17 crossbow bolts plus 2 icy burst, winged shield plus 3 (Akiros)

Teleported to Littletown to intimidate wyvern army.

Session 89

Returned to Radiance, took control of an army each, contributed spells.

Won the battle!

Session 88

Attacked wyvern army by surprise.

Killed 27 total, they fled.

Session 87

Recruited Elora. Gathered information. Decided to attack wyverns at camp outside of Radiance.

Session 86

Raised Isolda, interrogated Gittane the wererat Marshal of Pitax.

General – ogre mage.

Warden – Villamar Koth.

Magister – Engelidis (sorceress).

Priest – Dray (Calistrian)

Spymaster – Gidovius

Treasurer – Eliste

Counsellor – Nunzio.

Grand Diplomat – Joffrey

Royal Assassin – none?

Loot – +1 human-bane composite longbow no str (Karl); potion of cure serious (Natasha); +1 chain shirt (sell 625gp); +1 buckler (Natasha); cloak of resistance +2; (sell) lesser bracers of archery (Karl). = 625gp

Wardens loot – 4 x potions of Fly (distributed); 4 chain shirts 1 (625gp each); 4 short bows +1 (sell 3 × 1165gp); 4 masterwork rapiers (160gp each). = 25003495+640 = 6635

8 x full plate + 1 (1325gp each); 8 x greatswords + 1 (1175gp each); 16 x potions of cure moderate wounds. = 10600+9400=20000

Total loot = 27260gp / 5 = 5452.

Searched complex, found journal of librarian, and soggy tome of Dark Tapestry (+2 bonus on various knowledges).

Found hundreds of wine bottles, total value ~50,000gp.

Tipped out water clock, saved Nereid Evindra, dispersed the gardener’s ghost. Need to find Evindra’s shawl, and sword “Briar”.


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