Session 76

Kingdom building.

Prepare for the Brevoy Royal Wedding. Travel via teleportation to New Stetven. Karl greeted enthusiastically as heir/reincarnation of Choral the Conquerer. Isolda’s aunt very concerned about Medvyed destabilization of the royal wedding and consequent effect on national peace.

Isolda has redesigned the artwork/motifs of the Wedding Gift:

House Lebeda’s crest is a white swan, serenely sailing across a blue expanse, with the sun on the horizon behind it. Whether the sun is said to be rising or setting depends on the house’s fortunes, but the Lebedas’ sun appears ascendant at the moment.

Its motto is “Success through Grace.”

The Surtova crest is a gray ship against a field of blue below and black above, the upper shield spangled with silver stars.

Its motto is “Ours Is the Right.”

The Wedding Gift’s regalia image is now a gray swan, serenely sailing across a blue expanse, below a night sky. In the sky hangs a silver shield spangled with five horizon-suns, in the heraldric colours of Freelands. Beneath the image is inscribed the motto “Success Through Our Righteous Grace.”

Session 75

Exploring. Fought two Chuul. Treasure – masterwork quarterstaff, shod with silver and decorated 900gp, belt of mighty constitution plus 2 (2000gp), ring of jumping (1250gp), holy symbol of Gozreh 250gp, stylised mithril brooch in the shape of a gilded leaf 500gp, incomplete leatherbound spellbook in waterproof case – control water, fabricate, move earth, stone shape, transmute mud to rock.

Loot share = 4900 / 5 = 980gp.

Found azure lilies (poison) – 4 doses collected by Karl, given to Ursula.

Found the bogstriders’ home. Destroyed 3 bog mummies.


(David was right!)

Session 74

Fought invisible pixies and worgs aligned with Nature’s Scourge, no treasure. City-building, kingdom maintenance.

Session 73

Seppoko – 3 potions of cure moderate (sell 450gp), 1 potion of sanctuary (Ursula), 1 wand of cure moderate wounds (24 charges) – Natasha, 1 wand of poison (9 charges) – Ursula, hide armor plus 2 (sell 2082.5gp), icy morning star plus 1 (sell 9154gp), masterwork light wooden shield (sell 76.5gp), unholy symbol of Gogunta (destroy).

56pp, 1287gp, 2019sp, 872cp, 5 black opals 200gp each, 10 gold bracelets of forest animals 25gp each, box of 12 gold ingots worth 250gp each, 3 elixirs of swimming (250gp each), 1 harp of charming in likeness of Caydean Cailean (sell 3750gp).

Spoke to Garuum, received ebony fly, made diplomatic overtures. Disintegrated the statue of Gogunta. Attempted to convert the boggards to worship of Erastil.

Loot sale total = 22570.62gp + last session 3992.5 = 26563.12 / 5 = 5312.62gp

Session 72

Examined site of boggard battle – abandoned human settlement.

Explored more. Killed a Huezotl(?).

Found an island of bones, and two tough boggards wearing ghillie suits. Loot: 2 hide armor +1 (582.5gp each), 4 potions of cure serious wounds (split up), 2 masterwork handaxes (153gp each), 2 masterwork tridents (157.5gp each).

Entered boggard lair, cleared most of it. Loot: 3 hide armor +1, 6 potions of cure serious wounds (split up), 3 masterwork handaxes, 3 masterwork tridents. Killed Sepoko – loot next session

5 × 582.5 + 5 × 153 + 2 × 157.5 = 2912.5 + 765 + 315 = 3992.5

8000XP each

Session 71

Naga: Headband of mental prowess Cha/Wis +2 (Karl), Karl’s headband of Cha +2 given to Akiros. Nothing in the naga’s lair.

Further exploration. Fought an elasmosaurus, accidentally disintegrated it. Fought a group of giant dragonflies. Fought a group of boggards, no significant treasure.

Session 70

Visited dryad & satyr, then lumberjacks. Shumath – helpful, didn’t know much. Felton – detected evil, didn’t know much, one of his men had seen a warg(?) who spoke in Goblin. Giara – under charm by naga, mentioned Nature’s Scourge terrorist group acting out of Tatzlford. Tracked down and defeated the naga, loot next session.

Session 69

Explored. Found a silver mine which needs some engineering work to clear the aquifer.

Fought three hill giants. Loot: tools and building materials (3 BP), masterwork breastplate (sell 175gp), potion of aid (sell 150gp), potion of fly (Akiros), scarab of golembane (Karl’s neck), 3500 sp, 1040 gp, spyglass (Karl).

Found plus1 bashing heavy steel shield (sell 2085gp)

Total = 175 + 150 + 350 + 1040 + 2085 = 3800 / 5 = 760gp

Did some building.

Session 68

Otto won the joust!

Freelands won the tournament! Loot: Rod of Lordly Might

Isolda invited to cousin Elena’s wedding to King Noleski Surtova.

Defeated aurumvoraxes, searched lair. Loot: 1680gp, silver and ivory sceptre 1200gp, gold necklace 400gp, ring of climbing (sell 1250gp) plus 2 defending kukhri (sell 9102gp) = 13632gp / 5 = 2726.4gp

18000xp each

Session 67

Visited the Menagerie, fought a Froghemoth, argued with the keeper.


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