Session 56

Continued to explore the Drehlev castle. Found 2 masterwork longswords, 2 masterwork breastplates, 100 arrows.

Killed six giants, took mercenaries prisoner, liberated Fort Drehlev, renamed to Fort Liberty.

Debriefed various Drehlevian NPCs.

Session 55

Defeated baron’s wizard, captured wife and mistress.

6 x potions of cure moderate wounds, 6 x potions of shield of faith, 700gp, 14 x (masterwork breastplates, masterwork shields, masterwork longswords, masterwork composite longbow). = 7552gp

Baron: 3 potions of cure serious wounds, +3 breastplate (Akiros), +2 defending longsword (Natasha), 3 x masterwork throwing axes (Otto), belt of physical might +4 Str, +4 Con (Otto), cloak of resistance +2 (Yaneshi), ring of protection +2 (Akiros), rod of splendor (Yaneshi)

Baroness: masterwork dagger, stone of alarm, diamond crown 1500gp, diamond necklace 500gp, emerald ring 250gp, royal outfit 300gp, sapphire earrings 400gp, signet ring 300gp. = 3401gp

Mistress (Quintessa – Grand Diplomat of Daggermark): deck of illusions (Ursula), scrolls of dispel magic, locate creature, neutralize poison, speak with animals, chain shirt +1 glamered, masterwork silver dagger, ring of protection +1, cloak of resistance +1, necklace 1500gp.

Wizard (Imeckus): masterwork dagger, cloak of resistance +2 (Yaneshi), ring of protection +2 (Natasha), staff of fire (Isolda), spellbook

Searched castle: silver scrying mirror (Natasha), 6000gp wine. 5000gp dresses etc. Treasure 200pp, 986gp, 2460sp, 815cp, 30 x silver ingots 25gp. = 14990.15gp

Interrogated Mistress, Baroness, and Baron, told that the enemy forces in the city are 6 giants and 100 mercenaries.

GOLD TOTAL = 25493.15 / 5 = 5098.63gp

Session 54

Opened the ceiling trapdoor, climbed up into a cloakroom. Fought two guards. Interrogated kitchen staff. Found Baron Drehlev and several more guards, fought them, took most alive including the Baron.

Session 53

Entered secret tunnel to the castle. Fought black puddings. Found bag of holding type I, 4 potions of fly (distributed), 4 potions of cure moderate wounds.

Found jewels, also Numesti’s items – breastplate +2, longsword +2, masterwork dagger, masterwork composite longbow (str +3), potions of cure serious wounds, darkvision, lesser restoration.

Two more chests put into portable hole for looting later. (1) 2500gp, various metal parts, ring of evasion (matched set with ring of swimming); (2) nothing.

Session 52

Rescued noble daughters, and Lord Namesti.

Lots of teleport mishaps.

Finally in the temple of Calistria in Drehlev.

Session 51

Defended Tatzleford from trolls, mercenaries, barbarians and Amyon Trest. Captured and interrogated them. Decided to rescue prisoners (daughters of Drehlev nobility).

Session 50

Made magic items, upgraded armor and enhancement items, learned spells.

Teleported out to the roc nest, killed it.

Travelled out to the eel lake, cleared ettercap nest in hex D10. 435gp, 1080cp, +2 warhammer (Karl).

Travelled through hex F10, F11 (spriggan lair), F12

Hex H11 met phase spider Xamas, who was threatened by five Xill. 10 short swords, 10 longbows, 10 shields, 200 arrows.

Rewarded with secret chest (spell component), wand of dimension door (22 charges), large spellbook!!

Reward: 6 BP, also 7000 XP each, 89gp 1sp 6cp each.

Session 49

Investigated the soul jars. 42 citizens of Varnhold – Maestro Ervil Pendrod (bard 5).

Vordakai – cloak of resistance +3 (Otto), headband of mental prowess int +2 cha +2 knowledge(planes) (Ursula, swapping headband of int +2 linguistics to Natasha), ring of protection +2 (Ursula, swapping ring +1 to Akiros), phylactery, artifact magic eye, portable hole.

Vordakai’s spellbooks.

Books of terrible evil, also Vordakai’s notes.

Oculus chamber, origin of the Oculus of Abaddon.

Treasure: 25,000gp from selling rings of friend shield + 11400gp + 13000gp + 10300gp + 19500gp from art objects = 79200 / 5 = 15,840gp

Oculus of Abaddon must be smashed by a permanently blind humanoid wielding a holy bludgeoning weapon.

Quest Rewards: headband of wisdom +2 (Oleg); wand of find traps (50) (sold); 4000gp;

Made the centaur ruler a Viceroy.


Session 48

Fought Vordakai until he cast dimension door and disappeared to an unknown location.

Searched the treasure – other ring of friend shield, gloves of swimming & climbing, cloak of resistance +1. ring of protection +2, pouch of dust of dryness.

He came back, and was killed. Otto retained domination order to kill Yaneshi, which was successfully dissipated by an illusion.

Session 47

Attacked dread zombie wizard (High Mage of Varnhold). Defeated him, flew over tar pit. Dagger +1, ring of protection +2, spell book (burning hands, mage armor, magic missile, shield, sleep, acid arrow, glitterdust, mirror image, scorching ray, fireball, fly, lightning bolt, fire shield, remove curse).

Found zombies in feast hall, looted four masterwork large battleaxes.

Fought spectre of Willis Gunnarson. No treasure here.



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