Session 46

Set up camp for the night. Cyclops zombie comes in to feed Xamanthe, attacked by party.

Returned Xamanthe to the centaurs. Levelled up, conversed at length with Vordakai, went back to the cyclops crypt.

Found a human-sized zombie(?) from Varnhold.

Session 45

Explored further into the spire. Found a room dedicated to Charon, the Horseman of Death.

Defeated piscodaemon guardian, rescued centaur princess.

Session 44

Entered the dark spire. Found 689gp in spilled coins, and jade bracelet which matches the drawing. (200gp value).

Killed two zombie cyclops, looted 2 masterwork large battleaxes, 2 large leather armor.

Attacked by an elasmosaur. Found silver raven figurine and ring of freedom of movement.

Room with medium-size statues, portcullis, and two zombie cyclops.

Session 43

Approached in a hostile manner by Centaurs. Spoke to them about the bow, gained permission to be brought to their camp.

Parleyed with centaurs, gave back magic bow. Spoke to queen Aecora, asked to rescue princess.

Went to Cyclops graveyard. Killed cyclops zombie, looted masterwork large battleaxe.

Took boat downstream, attacked by wyverns, killed them, found nest with 75gp silverware, 37gp, messenger’s parcel with 500gp gems, Issian greatsword +3 (Karl).

Found the cave, used locate object to find Xamanthe’s necklace.

Session 42

Handed Edrist’s brother’s corpse to the army to take back to Radiance.

Explored more. Scryed on Gyronna cultists, Tiger Lord barbarians, General of Drelev. Apparently Tiger Lords are planning to attack us. Ordered army to scout out their likely travel route.

Charged by a mastodon, subdued it and left the scene.

Found Nomen graves, attacked by three manticores. Killed them, looted quills, skinned them

Found trapdoor spider lairs – 200gp of gems etc, cloak of elvenkind (Ursula), boots of elvenkind (sell 1250gp), spider silk.

Handed in Quills quest (3000gp) and spider silk quest (cloak of protection +2)

Killed a bulette. Skinned it.

Session 41

Found spriggan corpse in well with bonnet. Found hidden compartment in potters’ house with ceremonial set of flagons and platters 300gp, for King Noleski Surtova’s upcoming marriage (probably to a cousin of Isolda’s?), also scraps of the potters’ estate papers.

Found Journal of Willis Gundarson, written in Skald – ranger, skirmished with centaurs. Mentioned bracelet. Also found Ulfen rune of warding away bad luck. Found a magical box – folding boat! Isolda took it to store her spellbook.

Found 15 barrels of stout, 7gp each.

Scried to Aunt Sarrona to ask about what to do with the flagon set. Attempted to scry Svetlana, failed.

Investigated the Waterhorse Inn. Found spriggan in sepia snake sigil, holding Secrets of Rushalka Mounds by Ernst Gavenport. Found trunk in inn belonging to Ervil Pendred, with books, including Carmyn E’Brothasa’s geography book. Mention of “Vordakai”, a Nomen centaur god?

Found in inn till 37gp 52sp 114cp, and masterwork viola.

Reported back to Radiance, also to Restov.

Discovered Edrist’s brother’s body, teleported back his brooch and papers.

Attacked at camp by shadowy clawed thing (soul-eater). Killed it.

Session 40

Searched Varnhold Barracks, accumulated loot into an organized pile: 12 masterwork small halberds (worth 155gp each), 40 small daggers (1gp each), 10 small leather armor (5gp each). potion of cure moderate wounds (Natasha), + 1 breastplate (worth 675gp), + 1 seeking heavy crossbow (4175gp), masterwork greatclub (305gp), bag of holding type 4 (Karl), 7000gp, gems worth 3500gp, + 2 defending longsword of Maegyr Varn (Akiros), wand of spectral hand 17 charges (Natasha), single ring of friend shield (bag of holding), + 2 thundering composite longbow centaur-made of darkwood and ivory (+ 4 strength) (bag of holding).

Found 3 spellbook pages: Bear’s Endurance, Mount, Tiny Hut. (Learned by Isolda)

Armory: + 1 morningstar (1154gp), 12 padded armor (2.5gp each), 1 masterwork breastplate (175gp), 7 light wooden shields (1.5gp), 20 spears (1gp each), 3 shortswords (5gp each), 2 handaxes (3gp each), 1 shortbow (15gp), 2 longbows (37.5gp), 4 light crossbows (17.5gp each), 2 heavy crossbows (25gp each), 200 arrows (5gp), 220 crossbow bolts (11gp).

Total loot 19,210gp – 1,125 for Ursula’s repayment = 18,085 / 5 = 3,617gp each

Found secret tunnel and hidden niche in well, with 4 potions of water breathing (bag of holding).

Captured and interrogated two spriggans. Exiled them. Found 1BP of supplies.

Searched secret tunnel (used 2 potions), searched rest of town except inn. Found a cat, spoke to it. Discovered Karl’s ring of animal friendship to be unusual in some way, requiring further investigation.

Session 39

Investigated Varnhold fort.

Investigated garrison, killed three dire wolves and three spriggans (150gp + 3 masterwork small halberds). Inside the garrison was a small maze of corridors with murder holes.

Made our way tedious narrow corridor by tedious narrow corridor, killing 8 more (400gp + 8 small halberds) + leader


Session 38

Investigated Varnhold.

Encountered and killed a chuul and a dire boar.

Found traces of emissary in pit trap.

Session 37

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