Isolda's scrying schedule

Isolda’s regular downtime scrying schedule.

1a. Spymaster’s choice
1b. Fugitive or known serious criminal

2a. Person of interest in neighbouring nation (eg Drelev)
2b. Person of interest in Freelands

3a. Person of interest in neighbouring nation (eg Varnhold)
3b. Diplomat’s choice

4a. Person of interest in neighbouring nation (eg Brevoy)
4b. Fugitive or known serious criminal

5a. Person of interest in neighbouring nation (eg Pitax)
5b. Spymaster’s choice

6a. Person of interest in neighbouring nation (eg Mivon)
6b. Person of interest in Freelands

7a. Person connected to Isolda
7b. Dangerous monster or antagonist

Assumptions: maximum 3 castings per day, however some will fail and Isolda will sometimes be too busy to find time for scrying.

Session 36

Explored hexes …

Fought mudmen. Found a roc with 4 eggs in a nest, decided not to fight it.

Session 35

Building turn.

Session 34

Went to Willowisp Island. Completely covered with sickening poison nettles. Killed 13 willowisps. Found ancient tower dedicated to Yog-Sothoth. Found a dagger +1 which inflicts 1 negative level on a non-chaotic wielder, and gains human bane for 24 hours if a human is coup de graced with it.

Ordered in a scroll of hallow – Ursula covered the cost, will be repaid.

Hallowed the tower, cleared the island of nettles.

18 months pass.

Session 33

Hired a spymaster, Yuri. Seems competent (+4).

Explored hex J6. Found a barghest skin. Scryed it and then lay in wait under an illusion. Slew it mostly with a Smite Evil critical. No treasure.

Explored hex K7. Nothing of interest.

Explored hex K5. Nothing of interest.

Explored hex K3. Nothing of interest.

Explored hex K1. Nothing of interest.

Explored hex J4. Killed a forest drake. Treasure: masterwork chain shirt (broken, fixed by Isolda and sold); masterwork darkwood longbow (sold); cloak of elvenkind (fixed and given to Karl);

Completed the map.

Session 32 - citybuilding session


A Bard, Natasha Romanov, arrives and for some reason takes up with Karl.

30 Build Points are accumulated. Also 2000gp to be distributed.

-5 BP for consumption.

Stability check passes.

Claimed hex F12, silver deposit, and enfranchised the kobolds therein.

Built Mine and Road (7 BP).

Rebuilt Mill and houses destroyed by owlbear. (5 BP)

11 BP remaining.

Collect taxes +15 BP = 26 BP.

Event – beneficial settlement event – Boom Town!


Stability +1 BP = 27

Consumption -6 = 21

Claimed hex E11 incl sycamore tree. (-8 BP)

Built Noble Villa (-12 BP).

Population 8000.

Taxes +14 BP +4 from mines = 19 BP.

No event.


Stability +1 = 20 BP

Consumption – 5 = 15 BP

Expanded to hex B12 incl Bokken – granted him 0.5 mile radius around his hut.

Built road through hex C11.

11 BP left.

Built Tannery and house in Olegton (-9 BP) = 3 BP

Olegton population 1000, Radiance pop 5500, farms etc 2000

Taxation +18 BP +4 from mines + 1 from roads = 26 BP

No Event.


Stability + 1 = 27 BP

Consumption – 4 = 23 BP

Claimed hex C13, built road B10 connecting Olegton (-4 BP) = 19 BP

Expanded Radiance to second district over the bridge (-2 BP) = 17 BP

Built Foundry (-16 BP) = 1 BP

Kingdom size 10!

Tax + 19 BP = 20 BP

No event.


Stability +1 = 21 BP

Consumption -3 = 18 BP

Expanded hex F8 (incl fangberry bushes) and road F12 – 8 BP = 10 BP

Built Jail and Smithy (-10 BP) = 0

Population 10,250.

Taxes +17 + 6 = 23 BP

Event! Dangerous kingdom event – Inquisition of gnomes against kobolds.


Stability +1 = 24 BP

Consumption -2 = 22 BP

Expanded and farmed hexes B14 & G11, road in G11 -11 BP = 11 BP

Build Inn #2 in Radiance – 10 BP = 1 BP

Tax + 14 + 6 = 21 BP.

No event.

Population 11,000.

Session 31

Followers of Medvyed arrive.

Isolda made agile breastplate +1 for Akiros (Yaneshi’s cohort).

Explored hex H14. Nothing of interest.

Explored hex I15. Nothing of interest.

Explored hex I13. Attacked by a leucrotta in the night. Killed it. Tracked back to lair – blue dragonhide breastplate (worth 700gp), blue dragonhide shield (worth 340gp), feather token (tree), ivory comb 50gp, 86gp.

Explored hex J14. Nothing of interest.

Explored hex K15. Nothing of interest.

Explored hex K13. Nothing of interest.

Explored hex K11. Nothing of interest.

Explored hex J12. Nothing of interest.

Explored hex J10. Two half-collapsed rotten wooden buildings, abandoned ferry station. (Free pier if city built here.)

Explored hex I11.

Went home to Radiance. Scried on fugitive Gyronna cultists.

Explored hex K9.

Explored hex J8. Heard sobbing. Fought Munguk the giant. Spared his life. Recruited him as brewmaster, set up in old owlbear cave. Given necklace of fireballs 4d6.

Session 30

Explored rest of owlbear cave. Fought spiders, mushrooms, shambling mound, and horrible swarm of poisonous centipedes. Found wand of lightning bolts (33 charges). Claimed as a lair for our kingdom. Found breastplate, chainmail, 3 daggers, 2 longswords, 1 shortsword, 1 masterwork warhammer, 1 vial of silversheen, 1 set masterwork thieves tools, 121gp.

Returned to tell Radiance about our victory. +4 to Stability, +4 to Economy, +4 to Loyalty, Unrest reduced to 0.

Met the Bard, Iosis Vemarelian, and set him to work crafting satirical songs and jokes to mock Drelev.

Met the Scholar, Tamarac Elenark, looking into history of ancient Iobarian culture, to the east. He explains his interests to Isolda.

Met the Learned Gentleman, Irvil Pendrid, also interested in ancient Iobarian culture.

Handed in quests – 2100gp of potions (5 x antitoxin = 250gp), 600gp + 3 cure moderate wounds potions.

Session 29

Helped people recover from the owlbear attack. Followed the owlbear out.

Spider cave: found dead body: gloves of swimming and climbing; amethyst worth 100gp.

Killed owlbear. Bandits looted for 96gp. 6 x shortbows, 84 arrows, 6 long swords, 6 daggers, 6 shields, 6 leather armor.

Found corpse: chain shirt 2 (Yaneshi), long sword +1, ring of bestial friendship (Karl), 2 x masterwork throwing axes (Otto), jar of 5 doses restorative ointment detoxifies poison and disease and cures 1d85 (Karl), vial of antitoxin (Karl), 2 x potions of speak with animals (Karl), 2 smokesticks, tanglefoot bag, 2 x thunderstones. 146gp + 1155gp + 625gp

Acquired owlbear cub, named Cuddles.

2000 XP each.

Session 28

Discovered a natural cave behind the fortification in the mountainside. Fought trolls. Cleared lair.

Room 1: 234sp, 589gp.

Storeroom: tradegoods worth 4 Build Points

2-headed troll room: amulet of natural armor +2 (Ursula), 1902sp, 888gp, dusty rose ioun stone (Ursula).

Throne room: hide armor +1 (sell), thundering darkwood morning star +1 (sell), necklace of fireballs 2 × 4d6, 3 × 2d6 (Karl). Dragon statue exotic wood 200gp, jade/gold necklace 500gp, minor jewelry 750gp, 5 gemstones 100gp each, 3 bottles fine wine 15gp each, engraved silver tankard 50gp, 1484cp, 3550sp, 652gp.

Treasure total 9501gp = 1900gp 2sp each

Returned to Radiance to discover it on fire! WTF?! Mill and surrounding houses have burned.


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