Session 23

Headed back to Jod in hopes of getting Otto decursified. No joy, went back to Radiance. Ordered in a scroll of remove curse. Strange feeling in town – suspicion?

Lily informed us that the bard Grigori has been spreading rumors against us. Specific charges include: greed, corruption, injustice, powerlessness. Went among the people, told stories of adventure, helped people.

Council meeting: build road between Radiance and Olegtown.

Quelled the menace of the bard. Loot: potion of cure light wounds (Ursula), potion of cure moderate wounds (Ursula), 3 x potions of undetectable alignment(sold 75gp), scroll of scare (Isolda), scroll of sound burst (Yaneshi), chain shirt +1 (Yaneshi), rapier +1 (sold 1160gp), short bow, 20 arrows, masterwork buckler (sold 305gp), 132gp.

Total loot = 75+1160+305+132 = 1672/5 = 334gp 4sp each

Quest hand-ins: fisherman ring of feather falling (Karl); Lily 1200gp, cloak of resistance +1 (Yaneshi)

Isolda made magic items – enchanting turtle shell shield for Otto; +2 dexterity belt and +1 natural armor for Karl; +2 dexterity belt and +1 natural armor for Yaneshi

Session 22

Further exploration of the ruins. Found tower apparently den of evil fey decorated with scalps. Found urn containing 119gp, 131sp, 27cp, and 1 dozen different gemstones worth total of 1800gp.

Found tower with an elven artifact – mithril statuette of Findeladlara, elven goddess of art and architecture worth approx 1200gp (Lily would like this).

Fought swarm of rats.

Found tower with vines, chest. Fine velvet cloak worth 10gp, gold necklace worth 100gp. Emerald ring 300gp. Bejeweled masterwork short sword worth 510gp. Moonstone worth 50gp. 76sp, 31gp.

Fought baobhan sith and grimstalker. Found lifesize elven statue weighing 500lb worth 900gp. Masterwork harp. Small carved jade statuette of coiling snake 75gp. Ancient filigreed 200lb elven water clock 1000gp. Snow-white bearskin coverlet 50gp. Wooden wardrobe with 2 royal outfits worth 200gp each, 3 courtier’s outfits 30gp each. Misc clothing. Wooden coffer containing 3 exotic perfumes 100gp each. Gem-studded tiara 350gp. Elixir of love. Chest with 431sp, 370gp.

Total loot 4619gp, 7cp (excluding clock and statue and elven artwork).

Isolda sick with filth fever for 6 days.

Otto cursed with -6 to strength.

Session 21

Returned to Tiressia and Falchos to report death of scythe tree. Rewarded with wand of cure light wounds with 26 charges, 6 feather tokens (tree), a scroll of summon nature’s ally 2, 2 potions of cure moderate wounds, 5 goodberries.

Tiressia offers to keep us updated and aid us. +2 stability to nation.

Returned to Melianse the nixie and presented her with 5 of the tree tokens. Replanted trees to her specifications. Melianse offers to keep an eye out on the rivers. +2 stability to nation.

Explored hex G1. Found a ruined circular keep in a clearing of trees. Fought a very quick fey type creature. Looted a +1 short sword, 5 vials of nonmagical blue liquid. Fought a plant creature and another type of fey. Killed plant thing, fey climbed in window out of sight, lantern archon fought it, outcome uncertain.

Session 20

Explored hex H10 – fought a giant turtle, brought back the shell.

Found troll tracks in hex H14. Did not explore it.

Visited Tig-titter-tat and Perlavash.

Took Cundall to meet Jod at the temple of Erastil.

Went to hex G5, encountered human loggers led by Korrax, and a nixie (Meliansay). Brokered a tenuous peace between them. Pointed to dryad Terresia, asked to bring back 5 tree feather tokens.

Met Terresia and her satyr boyfriend Fanchus. Sent to kill a scythe tree. Found: 3 × 100gp amber pieces; folded bundle of magic cloth – robes of vermin , 42cp, 55sp, 6gp, silver ring worth 65gp – 75.38gp each.

Session 19

Returned with Ursula’s corpse by forced march to Old Beldame.

Gave mushrooms to Beldame, 1400gp. Isolda agreed to make a headband of charisma for Beldame at cost in exchange for the same favour later.

Yaneshi given prophetic dream and resurrection spell, tasked with retrieval of sword “Briar”. Resurrected Ursula!

Returned to Radiance to check in. Spoke with Lily the spymaster. Spoke with peasant woman who had lost a baby, re midwife. Greeted priest of Iomedae. Cured Cundall of lycanthropy. Spoke to bard Grigori, and would-be nobles Latricia and Loi Resbin.

Session 18

Explored hex H8. Seeking the Hodag and the Turtle.

Met the Old Beldame, maker of magic items. She seeks black rattlecaps, a pearl of power, troll blood, shambling mounds sap.

Explored hex I7. Lake Candlemere, island of will’o’wisps.

Explored hex I9. Swamp and mud flats. Encountered a tendriculos, very hard fight in which Ursula died. Redistributed magic items and headed back to Beldame’s to see if we can get a resurrection or gentle repose item.

Session 17

Barbarian interrogated, decision made to keep him confined until he can be cured of lycanthropy.

Goodie Niska discovered to be evil-aligned. Offered a healer’s role anyway.

Visited New Stetven, the capital of Brevoy. Met Lord Kivon Surtova, the greeter. (They are probably interested in importing food.) Cured of negative levels by Abbott Halavriel of Iomedae. Asked for priest to come to Radiance, also to bring cure for werewolf.

Visited temple of Shelyn, requested priest/architect to come to Radiance.

Visited temple of Desna, requested priest.

Discovered that Keston’s former lover Tania Chandler may have gone to Mendev.

Session 16

Continued into the undead barrow. Discovered undead warrior – a wight. Killed it. +2 fey bane long sword, 2 gp, 5sp, 3cp.

Ursula 2 negative levels, Otto 1 negative level. Ursula paid 3000gp, to be reimbursed.

Returned to town. Discovered that livestock and two people were killed by some creature, partially eaten. Met with relatives of deceased. Spoke to Sherral the rubbish collector. Went to the inn, investigated a Kellid guest, found a severed ear under his bed. Waited for him, no-show, went out to the town to find him.

Found him. fought him as a werewolf. Captured him alive. Looted +1 great axe, hide armor, 4 javelins, 11gp, potion of remove fear.

Session 15


Gained 11 Build Points

Spent 4 Build Points in upkeep

Claimed an extra hex F10 as farmland costing 5 BP

Built an inn and a house costing 13 BP. 7 BP left over.

6 BP from tax, 13 BP total.

1 BP from Stability, 14 BP total.

Consumption costs -3 BP. 11 BP total.

Kingdom grown to 2500 people.


+2 headband of alluring charisma, x 2 (Yaneshi and Karl).


Visited a farmer, and Sootscale kobolds. Discussed the issue of cow-stealing.

Visited the barrows. After thorough, exhaustive, pedantic and frustrating examination of the barrows, discovered a mound with a crack in its edge and a coin inside.

Mucked around with bats, destroyed 12 skeletons. 700 XP.

Session 14

Begun settlement in Stag Lord’s old fort, ex-monastery to Gyronna. Debated names.

Core Values – justice, beauty, freedom, economic power, life

Nation: The Freelands, NG

City: Radiance, Light of the Freelands

Ruling Structure: Council who appoint successors – 80%+ majority vote to expand

Group Name:


  • Ruler- (Head of the Council) Cha to choice, Leadership: Karl
  • Penalty: huge!
  • Karl or Yaneshi or Isolda
  • Counsellor- (Heart of the Council) Cha or Wis to Loy: Svetlana
  • Penalty: -2 Loy, no holiday, unrest +1
  • Karl or Yaneshi or Jod or Oleg or Svetlana
  • General- (Shield of the Council) Cha or Str to Stab: Akiros
  • Penalty: -4 Loy
  • Otto or Kreston or Akiros
  • Grand Diplomat- (Voice of the Council) Cha or Int to Stab: Ursula
  • Penalty: -2 Stab, cannot issue exploration or diplomat edicts
  • Isolda or Yaneshi or Ursula or Genevieve??
  • High Priest- (Spirit of the Council) Cha or Wis to Stab: Yaneshi
  • Penalty: -2 Stab, -2 Loy, unrest +1
  • Yaneshi or Jod
  • Magister- (Scroll of the Council) Cha or Int to Econ: Isolda
  • Penalty: -4 Econ
  • Isolda or Yaneshi
  • Marshal- (Reach of the Council) Dex or Wis to Econ: Jubilost
  • Penalty: -4 Econ
  • Ursula or Kreston or Akiros?? or Tulia?? or Jod or Jubilost
  • Royal Enforcer+ (Will of the Council) Dex or Str to Loy: Otto
  • Penalty: none
  • Otto or Akiros?? or Kreston or Sootscale
  • Spymaster- (Shadow of the Council) Dex or Int to choice sometimes: Lily
  • Penalty -4 Econ, unrest +1
  • Ursula or Lily or Sootscale
  • Treasurer- (Purse of the Council) Int or Wis to Econ: Oleg
  • Penalty: -4 Econ, can’t collect tax
  • Isolda or Genevieve?? or Oleg
  • Warden (Sword of the Council) – Con or Str to Loy: Kreston
  • Penalty: -2 Loy, -2 Stab
  • Otto or Kreston or Akiros or Garuum

700 XP awarded.


Promotions +2 Stab, -2 Build Points

Taxation +2 Econ, -2 Loy


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