Session 17

Barbarian interrogated, decision made to keep him confined until he can be cured of lycanthropy.

Goodie Niska discovered to be evil-aligned. Offered a healer’s role anyway.

Visited New Stetven, the capital of Brevoy. Met Lord Kivon Surtova, the greeter. (They are probably interested in importing food.) Cured of negative levels by Abbott Halavriel of Iomedae. Asked for priest to come to Radiance, also to bring cure for werewolf.

Visited temple of Shelyn, requested priest/architect to come to Radiance.

Visited temple of Desna, requested priest.

Discovered that Keston’s former lover Tania Chandler may have gone to Mendev.

Session 16

Continued into the undead barrow. Discovered undead warrior – a wight. Killed it. +2 fey bane long sword, 2 gp, 5sp, 3cp.

Ursula 2 negative levels, Otto 1 negative level. Ursula paid 3000gp, to be reimbursed.

Returned to town. Discovered that livestock and two people were killed by some creature, partially eaten. Met with relatives of deceased. Spoke to Sherral the rubbish collector. Went to the inn, investigated a Kellid guest, found a severed ear under his bed. Waited for him, no-show, went out to the town to find him.

Found him. fought him as a werewolf. Captured him alive. Looted +1 great axe, hide armor, 4 javelins, 11gp, potion of remove fear.

Session 15


Gained 11 Build Points

Spent 4 Build Points in upkeep

Claimed an extra hex F10 as farmland costing 5 BP

Built an inn and a house costing 13 BP. 7 BP left over.

6 BP from tax, 13 BP total.

1 BP from Stability, 14 BP total.

Consumption costs -3 BP. 11 BP total.

Kingdom grown to 2500 people.


+2 headband of alluring charisma, x 2 (Yaneshi and Karl).


Visited a farmer, and Sootscale kobolds. Discussed the issue of cow-stealing.

Visited the barrows. After thorough, exhaustive, pedantic and frustrating examination of the barrows, discovered a mound with a crack in its edge and a coin inside.

Mucked around with bats, destroyed 12 skeletons. 700 XP.

Session 14

Begun settlement in Stag Lord’s old fort, ex-monastery to Gyronna. Debated names.

Core Values – justice, beauty, freedom, economic power, life

Nation: The Freelands, NG

City: Radiance, Light of the Freelands

Ruling Structure: Council who appoint successors – 80%+ majority vote to expand

Group Name:


  • Ruler- (Head of the Council) Cha to choice, Leadership: Karl
  • Penalty: huge!
  • Karl or Yaneshi or Isolda
  • Counsellor- (Heart of the Council) Cha or Wis to Loy: Svetlana
  • Penalty: -2 Loy, no holiday, unrest +1
  • Karl or Yaneshi or Jod or Oleg or Svetlana
  • General- (Shield of the Council) Cha or Str to Stab: Akiros
  • Penalty: -4 Loy
  • Otto or Kreston or Akiros
  • Grand Diplomat- (Voice of the Council) Cha or Int to Stab: Ursula
  • Penalty: -2 Stab, cannot issue exploration or diplomat edicts
  • Isolda or Yaneshi or Ursula or Genevieve??
  • High Priest- (Spirit of the Council) Cha or Wis to Stab: Yaneshi
  • Penalty: -2 Stab, -2 Loy, unrest +1
  • Yaneshi or Jod
  • Magister- (Scroll of the Council) Cha or Int to Econ: Isolda
  • Penalty: -4 Econ
  • Isolda or Yaneshi
  • Marshal- (Reach of the Council) Dex or Wis to Econ: Jubilost
  • Penalty: -4 Econ
  • Ursula or Kreston or Akiros?? or Tulia?? or Jod or Jubilost
  • Royal Enforcer+ (Will of the Council) Dex or Str to Loy: Otto
  • Penalty: none
  • Otto or Akiros?? or Kreston or Sootscale
  • Spymaster- (Shadow of the Council) Dex or Int to choice sometimes: Lily
  • Penalty -4 Econ, unrest +1
  • Ursula or Lily or Sootscale
  • Treasurer- (Purse of the Council) Int or Wis to Econ: Oleg
  • Penalty: -4 Econ, can’t collect tax
  • Isolda or Genevieve?? or Oleg
  • Warden (Sword of the Council) – Con or Str to Loy: Kreston
  • Penalty: -2 Loy, -2 Stab
  • Otto or Kreston or Akiros or Garuum

700 XP awarded.


Promotions +2 Stab, -2 Build Points

Taxation +2 Econ, -2 Loy

Session 13

Explored and secured fort. Captured and interrogated Akiros Ismort and Fulgrum Sneeg and one other bandit.

Akiros: 2 potions cure light wounds, masterwork chainmail, heavy steel shield, +1 longsword, composite longbow (Str 14), 20 arrows, 3 x beast bane arrows, amulet 20gp, 80gp, silver holy symbol of Erastil. Akiros permitted to keep all of this.

Stag Lord: 2 potions cure moderate wounds, +1 leather armor, masterwork longsword, composite longbow +1 (Str 14), amulet of natural armor +1, helmet of the Stag Lord +2 competence to Perception and 1 per day flatfooted, 141gp, azurite crystal 9gp, carnelian 80gp, haematite 13gp, obsidian 14gp, red garnet 100gp, pewter beltbuckle 30gp, silver charm bracelet 60gp.

Dovan of Nizrok: masterwork studded leather, rapier +1, 3 daggers, silver amulet 20gp, turquoise earrings 260gp, 28gp, 2pp.

Auchs: 2 potions cure moderate wounds, 1 potion lesser restoration, leather armor, club, carved toys 45gp, silver amulet 20gp.

Misc bandits: 6 x leather armor, 6 x longbow, 6 x shortsword, 60gp

Informed of the existence of the basement, and a creature within. Rested overnight. Explored basement, fought wolverine/man(?). Looted 6850gp of mundane tradegoods, 4500cp, 2052sp, 892gp, 21pp. Bag of jewelry 2900gp.

Outside the owlbear’s cage, found carved walls indicating that this building was once a monastery to Gyronna, the chaotic evil goddess of female vengeance.

Went outside again to attack zombies on the hillside. Killed 16 zombies.

Gathered stuff and returned to Oleg’s to hand in quests and sell vendor trash.

Given charter to rule and 50 build points worth of material.

Session 12

Entered hex G9, investigated the fort. Waited outside for three days, no action. Found a tunnel into the fort. Sneaked in, killed two bandits, alarm raised, killed more. Owlbear released by rogue-type. Killed owlbear. Finally killed Stag Lord. Captured Akiros Ismort. Secured the fort.

Session 11

Explored hex C3. Uninhabited plains.

Explored hex B4. Forest edge.

Explored hexes A5 and A7. Forest edge, plains of Rostland.

Back to Oleg’s. Isolda made pearl of power, Karl bought breastplate. Spoke to Lily about elven ruins and relics.

Explored hex A3 and A1. Grasslands and gullies.

Explored hex B2. Amid overgrown blackberries, a cairn of stones, showing magic. Dug up a barbarian’s corpse with ring of swimming. Re-buried and reconsecrated the cairn.

Explored hex C1. Plains.

Explored hex D2. Plains and forest edge.

Explored hex E1. Forest. Attacked by trollhound, killed it.

Explored hex F2. Thick vines and forest. Strange foul smell. Evil presence in sunken clearing. Found corpse of unicorn and fouled pond. Unicorn was killed by finger of death and its horn was stolen. Buried the unicorn, laid it to rest in the name of various good gods.

Explored hex F4. Skunk river. Sandy islands. Ambushed by 2 Tatzlewurms. Killed them. Yaneshi poisoned. Skinned and took heads. Found wurm nest. Found scale mail +1, cold iron masterwork longsword, 38gp, 520sp, pewter drinking stein 12gp, silver ring 35gp, jade carving of elven monk 85gp, watertight scroll tube with map of NW corner.

Explored hex F6. Quick yipping barks from open pit – trap! Thylacine at the bottom, killed it.

Session 10

Returned to Bokken with fangberries. Returned to Oleg’s. Listened to stories. Rumor of giant turtle, and a hodag(?) which apparently has a magical spear. Rewards arrived, 1800gp, distributed.

Killed a large Constrictor Snake.

Went to hex D6 to visit the Temple of the Elk. Immediately attacked by giant bear. Vacillated between fighting and fleeing, eventually slew the bear. Bear turned into the corpse of an ancient human male, and the temple became clean. Pond became healing water.

Returned to Oleg’s to inform Jhod of the temple’s cleansing. Also collected reward from Lady Genevere Kensen: 1200gp. Distributed, 240gp each. Also a letter from her asking for information re Windchaser the stallion and capture of a horse from WIndchaser’s herd.

Took Jhod to the restored temple.

Went to hex F7, found Tuskgutter’s lair. Left out a baited deer corpse, with potion of sleep. Boar ate it, fell asleep. Sneaked up on it and killed it. Explored E7.

Explored hex E5. Swamps, Skunk River. Found some stone chunks of buildings, Taldan style. Met Garoom the Boggard who seems to be an outcast. Attempted dialogue, apparently formed truce, exchanged gifts.

Explored hex E3. Found a statue of Erastil. Cleaned it up, slept under it, all slashing and piercing weapons received keen edge for a week.

Explored hex D4. Found source of Skunk River – hot springs with sulfurous odour. Slew two giant frogs.

Returned to temple, levelled up to 3.

Session 9

Explored hexes F14 (nothing) and G13, found barrows. Barrows make Otto the paladin uncomfortable but are otherwise of minimal interest. Isolda had a strange dream of a powerful undead being in a barrow, who felt like her “brother”, who was buried with an ornate magical sword.

Explored hex G11. Attacked in the night by one warg and three wolves. One wolf fled, 2 wolves skinned, 1 warg skinned.

Explored hex G9. Found a fort! Probably the Stag Lord’s.

Explored hex G7. Saved a group of gnomes and their wagon and ponies from a river. Leader is Jubilost Narthropple. Exchanged geographical info, ate with gnomes, left on friendly terms.

Explored hex F8. Found Fangberries! and many chew spiders. Dispersed swarm of spiders, retrieved 7 pots of fangberries.

Session 8

Explored F12, F10, E9. Found broken bridge in E9, gold mine in D10, collected 10lb of gold-bearing quartz. Explored C11, found skull with antlers, found giant trapdoor spider and killed it, found bandit skeleton with 10gp, amulet, parchment with map showing treasure near claw-shaped tree in D12. Went to visit tree, found heavy leather cloak and masterwork dagger, wand of burning hands, silver ring worth 75gp and spellbook containing identify, mage armor, reduce person, silent image, unseen servant.

Got back to Oleg’s, met Arvin the fisherman who told us a story about Reeg Olivebranch the trapper. Rumor of lizardmen deep in southern swamps. Rumor of bandits with new leader, ghost of bridgekeeper. Rumor of boggard tribes to west in Hooktongue Sloth. Rumor of evil monks, northern shore of Tuskwater river. Rumor of unicorn in Narlmarches.

Keston wants us to find Falgrim Sneeg, an older Varisian with greying hair and unruly beard.

We have asked Oleg to call in a dwarven geologist, a druid, an expert farmer, and a carpenter.

Sold stuff and split money, 58gp each (-100gp for potions of sleep from Bokken)

Visited Bokken to order 2 potions of sleep for the bear.

Explored E13, found remnants of old bridge. Walking corpse spoke to us, demanded we throw Stag Lord’s body into the water. Strange dreams – bridgekeeper (Karl), strange woman (Yaneshi).


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