Session 97

Explored lots and lots of tiny rooms. Killed tigers, released remorhaz.

Loot Vilamar Koth: ring of protection plus 2 (4000gp); 2 vials of barkskin plus 5 (Akiros, Otto); greataxe plus 1 vicious (4160gp)

Loot Alyson the weretiger: ring of protection plus 3 (Karl); ring of invisibility (Isolda); ring of protection plus 2 (Atticus); leather armor plus 3 (4580); studded leather plus 2 (2085)

Loot Gidovius: ring of protection plus 1 (2000gp); amulet of natural armor plus 1 (Akiros); studded leather plus 4 (Illora)

Misc loot – 2 suits full plate plus 1 (1325gp each); 1 chain shirt plus 1 (650gp); 6 x masterwork rapiers (160gp each); 2 x short bow plus 1 (1115gp); 2 x greatsword plus 1 (1175gp each); 8 x masterwork musical instruments (300 gp each); watercolour painting of nude nymph (do legend lore).

Loot total = 8160 + 6665 + 2000 + 2650 + 650 + 960 + 2230 + 2350 + 2400 = 28065 / 5 = 5613 gp

Session 96

Fought Irrovetti, killed gargoyle, weretiger, hellhounds.

Session 95

Looted Villamar Koth – armor and ring, 2 vials, masterwork longbow.

Session 94

Killed Pitax troops and Villamar Koth. Loot: plus 1 vicious greataxe,

Session 93

Went to the cheesemaker’s house, found secret room.

Scouted out Irovetti’s palace.

Came back next day, attacked Irovetti’s guards.

Session 92

Went to Pitax in disguise, spoke to actors and Calistrians.

Session 91

Killed Eater of Kings – loot 2900sp, 3400gp, 155pp, 1200gp gems (6440gp), 17 crossbow bolts plus 2 icy burst, winged shield plus 3 (Akiros)

Teleported to Littletown to intimidate wyvern army.

Session 89

Returned to Radiance, took control of an army each, contributed spells.

Won the battle!

Session 88

Attacked wyvern army by surprise.

Killed 27 total, they fled.

Session 87

Recruited Elora. Gathered information. Decided to attack wyverns at camp outside of Radiance.


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