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Session 1
24th Calistril 4710


Darryl – Isolda Lebeda, human wizard
Tracey – Ursula, human spy
Alison – Yaneshi, human oracle
Lachlan – Otto, half-orc paladin
Werner – Karl FitzMedev, human ranger

After four days of travel, characters arrive at Oleg’s Trading Post (fort in hex B10). Greeted politely by Svetlana, met Oleg, told about bandits.

Next morning, bandits attack. Leader killed, two captured, two escape. Tracked, found to have met up with one bandit and six horses and fled. Party return to fort.

Treasure, leader (“Happs”): composite longbow (for +2 Str), dagger, leather armor, 2x trail rations, 2 vials alchemists fire, silver amulet of stag’s head (20gp), 25gp cash.

Treasure, prisoners: 2x leather armor, 2x longbow, 2x short sword, 4x trail rations, 20gp cash

Prisoners questioned. Leader of bandits is Kressle, human female fighter type skilled with axes. Camp is a day’s ride away at the fork of the river. Prisoners executed.

Wait around for two days. Guards led by Kesten Garess turn up. Wait around for further two days in expectation of attack by Kressle, no attack happens so decide to follow bandit’s directions to Kressle’s camp next session.

150 XP each.


Session 2

Oleg rewarded us with a potion of shield of faith, 2 potions of cure light wounds, and 50gp.

QUEST: Oleg has asked us to retrieve Svetlana’s wedding ring. Plain brass with a pearl inset. Stolen by bandits three months prior to now.

Set off south into forest to track bandits. Some fey(?) activity. 2 days travel. Set up camp.

Following day, found lookout outside bandit camp. Lie in ambush, draw bandits out with illusion, defeat 2 bandit archers and 3 bandit warriors. Loot: 5 short swords, 5 longbows, 100 arrows, 5 leather armor, 10 days rations, 50gp.

Second ambush, no followup. Wait an hour, set off into the forest to bandit camp by different path.

Attack bandits, defeat Kressle and 3 bandit warriors. 2 bandit archers flee. Loot: 3 short swords, 3 longbow, 3 leather armor, 60 arrows, 6 days rations, 30gp, 2 masterwork hand axes, 1 studded leather armor, 1 potion of cure light wounds, 4 daggers, 85gp.

Loot from bandit camp: food, firewood, tents, 321sp, 90gp, silver earrings 150gp, wooden music box 90gp, 3 crates furs and hides 50gp each, polished wooden case with 8 bottles each worth 20gp. Acquire 6 horses.

450 XP each, total 600 XP


Session 3

Interrogated two surviving bandits (Betta and Larik). Recruited them. Took loot back to Oleg’s.

Prisoners gave up the Stag Lord’s pass-phrase: “By the bloody bones of St. Gilmore, who wants to know?”

Found purple trees on the way back to Oleg’s.

Gave Oleg the furs, and 90gp. (Date: 9th Pharast)

Fought, captured and interrogated kobolds in the radish patch (Hex C9). Kobolds apparently indicated that their leader Tartouk is a major problem for them in some indescribable yet terrifying way.

200xp each. Loot: moon radishes

Session 4

Returned to Oleg’s Trading Post. Gave moon radishes to Svetlana. Rewarded 250gp!

Bought some supplies, scribed some scrolls.

Headed out to explore again. Exploring D8. Found tracks of some type of furry carnivore – Karl thinks it is a thylacine.

Explored hex D6. Found mysterious thicket, met two fey: Tyg Titter-Tut (female grig) and Perlivash (male faerie dragon). Friendly. Indicated that their lair is in hex C7. They talked of a bear and buildings in the thicket.

Explored hex C7 with fey as guides.

Fey want traps collected, tell us that trapper’s body is in hex C5 and traps are in hex B6. Gave directions to Tatzlworm and Tuskgutter.

Escorted by fey to trapper’s corpse. Found masterwork handaxe. Escorted by fey to trapper’s area, hex B6. Found 5 traps, one hurt Isolda for 14 damage. Cleared 20 more traps over next few days.

Exploring hex B8. Nothing much.

Returned to Oleg’s, received 400gp for bandit control.

Session 5

Explored hex B12. Met Bokken the potionmaker. Bought some potions. He asked us for to obtain fangberries. (Fey also want these.)

Explored hex B14. Nothing of interest.

Explored hex C13. Met Tulia the trapper. Recruited her as mapper/scout. Rumour of spellbook somewhere? Rumour of bridgekeeper Davik Nettles? Rumour of adventurer group in Varnhold? Paid 9gp.

Explored hex D12. Lots of small caves. Nothing of interest.

Explored hex E11. Found corpse of tortured kobold outside mite warren. Set ambush for mites. Fought and killed six mites.

Session 6

Enter the mites’ nest. Encounter 2 mites building traps, kill them. Encounter 6 mites torturing kobolds. Kill 4, 2 flee. Freed kobold Mikmek. Mikmek told us of his quest to find the statue of Old Sharptooth and bring it back to the Sootscale tribe. Found a giant centipede in the ravine! Hard fight, but we killed it. Examined ravine, Ursula and Mikmek fell into it. Isolda identified weak vines (mite traps). Karl and Yaneshi went in search of rope, encountered and killed three smaller giant centipedes.

Session 7

Level up to level 2. Discuss destruction of millipede eggs. Spend a few minutes smashing eggs and clearing compost. Fought 6 mites, 2 escaped., no treasure. Fought mite leader, 6 mites and giant tick, found 193cp, 120sp, 32gp. Found crude map of area made by mites. Found statue of devil (Old Sharptooth). Cleared mite warren.

Headed to kobold lair. Explored hex F12. Met kobolds. Gave statue to Chief Sootscale, who smashed it and declared war on Shaman Tartuk. Defeated Tartuk, treasure: wand of magic missiles, bracers of armor +1, dust of illusion, 7 x +1 flaming crossbow bolts, and boots of elvenkind, masterwork light metal shield, masterwork cold iron sickle, journal written in Undercommon with scroll of fly inside. Also recovered Svetlana’s ring.

Alliance with Sootscale tribe. Tartuk discovered to have been a psychopathic reincarnated gnome sorcerer.

Session 8

Explored F12, F10, E9. Found broken bridge in E9, gold mine in D10, collected 10lb of gold-bearing quartz. Explored C11, found skull with antlers, found giant trapdoor spider and killed it, found bandit skeleton with 10gp, amulet, parchment with map showing treasure near claw-shaped tree in D12. Went to visit tree, found heavy leather cloak and masterwork dagger, wand of burning hands, silver ring worth 75gp and spellbook containing identify, mage armor, reduce person, silent image, unseen servant.

Got back to Oleg’s, met Arvin the fisherman who told us a story about Reeg Olivebranch the trapper. Rumor of lizardmen deep in southern swamps. Rumor of bandits with new leader, ghost of bridgekeeper. Rumor of boggard tribes to west in Hooktongue Sloth. Rumor of evil monks, northern shore of Tuskwater river. Rumor of unicorn in Narlmarches.

Keston wants us to find Falgrim Sneeg, an older Varisian with greying hair and unruly beard.

We have asked Oleg to call in a dwarven geologist, a druid, an expert farmer, and a carpenter.

Sold stuff and split money, 58gp each (-100gp for potions of sleep from Bokken)

Visited Bokken to order 2 potions of sleep for the bear.

Explored E13, found remnants of old bridge. Walking corpse spoke to us, demanded we throw Stag Lord’s body into the water. Strange dreams – bridgekeeper (Karl), strange woman (Yaneshi).

Session 9

Explored hexes F14 (nothing) and G13, found barrows. Barrows make Otto the paladin uncomfortable but are otherwise of minimal interest. Isolda had a strange dream of a powerful undead being in a barrow, who felt like her “brother”, who was buried with an ornate magical sword.

Explored hex G11. Attacked in the night by one warg and three wolves. One wolf fled, 2 wolves skinned, 1 warg skinned.

Explored hex G9. Found a fort! Probably the Stag Lord’s.

Explored hex G7. Saved a group of gnomes and their wagon and ponies from a river. Leader is Jubilost Narthropple. Exchanged geographical info, ate with gnomes, left on friendly terms.

Explored hex F8. Found Fangberries! and many chew spiders. Dispersed swarm of spiders, retrieved 7 pots of fangberries.


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