Tulia- “There used to be a bridge crossing the Shrike River to the southeast, but bandits ruined it. They say the old bridge keeper Davik Nettles haunts the place now.”

Oleg’s Trading Post- “The bandits are getting braver and more organized, and there’s whispers that they have a new leader—a man who dresses in animal’s bones and calls himself the Stag Lord.”

Oleg’s Trading Post- “Bandits aren’t the only things in the Kamelands that cause trouble—there’s a tribe of kobolds and a tribe of mites living somewhere in the hills too. They aren’t as much trouble as the bandits, but their presence certainly makes the idea of settling the land less attractive.”

Tulia- “The primary trade route from the River Kingdoms to Brevoy is the East Sellen River, a major waterway that runs through a swampy region to the west called the Hooktongue Slough. The trade route’s been closed for several months, though, due to an increased amount of violence from the boggard tribes that dwell there—hopefully the frog folk keep to the swamp and don’t turn their bulging eyes east toward the Narlmarches!”

Oleg’s Trading Post- “Some people report that a unicorn lives in the Narlmarches, but sightings of the magnificent creature have fallen off in recent months. Perhaps the unicorn was driven out by the bandits?”

Tulia- “An old friend of a friend had a brother who went missing in the Stolen Lands a while back. A traveling wizard. His spellbook’s probably just rotting away in the underbrush or in some monser’s lair. Shame, really!”


Kingmaker Pryllin