Session 11

Explored hex C3. Uninhabited plains.

Explored hex B4. Forest edge.

Explored hexes A5 and A7. Forest edge, plains of Rostland.

Back to Oleg’s. Isolda made pearl of power, Karl bought breastplate. Spoke to Lily about elven ruins and relics.

Explored hex A3 and A1. Grasslands and gullies.

Explored hex B2. Amid overgrown blackberries, a cairn of stones, showing magic. Dug up a barbarian’s corpse with ring of swimming. Re-buried and reconsecrated the cairn.

Explored hex C1. Plains.

Explored hex D2. Plains and forest edge.

Explored hex E1. Forest. Attacked by trollhound, killed it.

Explored hex F2. Thick vines and forest. Strange foul smell. Evil presence in sunken clearing. Found corpse of unicorn and fouled pond. Unicorn was killed by finger of death and its horn was stolen. Buried the unicorn, laid it to rest in the name of various good gods.

Explored hex F4. Skunk river. Sandy islands. Ambushed by 2 Tatzlewurms. Killed them. Yaneshi poisoned. Skinned and took heads. Found wurm nest. Found scale mail +1, cold iron masterwork longsword, 38gp, 520sp, pewter drinking stein 12gp, silver ring 35gp, jade carving of elven monk 85gp, watertight scroll tube with map of NW corner.

Explored hex F6. Quick yipping barks from open pit – trap! Thylacine at the bottom, killed it.



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