Session 61

Cleaned up after skeleton attack on Fort Liberty. Teleported to Armag’s dungeon and scratched off the 16 sigils that reanimate the skeletons.

Messed about with the trap and eventually used wizardly powers to dimension door around it. Defeated a swarm of fire ants with a wall of fire.

Loot: 150gp (sale of Otto’s old bow) 7 x composite longbows + 1 (+ 4 str bonus) 1400gp each, 8 x greatswords + 1 (1175gp each).

Fought and defeated cleric of Gorum (divine guardian). Loot: hide armor +1 light fortification (2082.5gp); anarchic +1 spear (9151gp)

Loot total = 150 + 9800 + 9400 + 2082.5 + 9151 = 30583.5 / 5 = 6166.7gp



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